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The assessment and development program I undertook with Órla was exceptional!

| 06/09/2022

Right from the first meeting, Órla instantly built rapport and took the time to really understand my background, values, beliefs, strengths and possible derailers. Her psychology background combined with her deep knowledge and research in D&I ensured that Órla truly understood what really motivated me and what may be limiting my ability to perform at my best. Órla was also incredibly effective at giving me feedback, ensuring I was clear about how I could continue to develop and reach my potential but ensuring I felt positive and inspired about my progress and strengths to date.

Given how valuable I found Órla during this program, I asked her to become my Executive Coach. As a coach, Órla was very effective at helping guide and support me to make the right leadership decisions, think through my career choices and establish how I wanted to best progress my career. Órla also undertook individual 360 feedback with my peers, direct reports and my leader, and presented the feedback in a thorough and thoughtful manner that helped me determine what actions I needed to take to ensure I would continue to develop as a leader. During this time I was promoted several times.

I asked Órla to help with Team Building for my new team to ensure we could perform at a high level as quickly as possible. To this end, Órla undertook a team diagnostic, confidentially speaking to each member of the team to understand the key dynamics and areas preventing us from being the best possible team we could be. The team really built a strong trust in Órla, and she was extremely effective at getting us to identify the key issues preventing us from being high-performing. She helped us build a clear plan to improve team connectivity and performance.