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Thrive was recommended to me by senior leaders across a number of industries as leaders in the space of executive coaching.

| 06/09/2022

However, having not participated in dedicated executive coaching before, I was not sure what to expect when engaging Thrive.

From the outset, I have found working with Thrive safe, productive and structured. Órla has a very warm and friendly personality, and her experience shows in all aspects of interaction.

We agreed on an approach in terms of speed, delivery of message, and outcomes, which enabled each party to fully understand desired goals. Whilst the program focusses on professional development as well as personal wellbeing, the actual approach is customised to my individual needs.

The program consists of more than the actual sessions, the consultant regularly reaches out to check-in on various aspects, confirming to the participant that there is a real element of care and compassion.

I have found Órla to always be very well prepared for the sessions, enabling me to connect with her and establish a relationship based on trust and understanding.

Upon embarking on the journey, it was important for me to understand the roles and effort required to be successful; essentially, the more you invest the more you get out of it. This is reciprocal, and Órla is a role model when it comes to commitment and support.

Órla has always gone above and beyond, and there are no occasions of ‘clock watching’ – on the contrary, all sessions take as long as required.

There are no quick fixes with personal or professional development – I find the Thrive approach realistic and sustainable. The seeds planted by the sessions need nurturing, which comes from the participant’s commitment. As a consequence, I have seen them bloom in various forms – some expected, some surprising, professionally and privately – and the experience has been invaluable.

Órla has the exceptional talent of understanding the participant’s personal and professional situation, with relatively little prior knowledge, and giving appropriate feedback. In addition, her experience, warm and engaging personality and astounding level of EQ are some of the assets the participants can draw on during the engagement.