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Lucy Cornell

Associate Partner, Presence and Voice Specialist

Lucy is an author, speaker, and CEO of The Voice Advisory Group who has used her skills and expertise in voice and acting to empower business leaders globally for 20 years. An engaging keynote speaker, Lucy enables leaders to connect with and engage their audience through developing their authentic voice – one that demonstrates presence, credibility, persuasive power, confidence and vision.

Lucy’s corporate clientele range from CEOs and senior executives of blue-chip companies such as McKinsey, IBM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank to politicians, barristers and lawyers. She is one of 200 Linklater trained voice teachers in the world and has extensive academic and practical experience training with voice tutors from the Royal Shakespeare Company (UK) and as an actor and teacher at Shakespeare and Company (USA). She leads an international voice and performance coaching team for advocacy courses run by the Australian Bar Association and the General Council of the Bar of South Africa.

Lucy holds a Masters of Applied Science in Voice Research (University of Sydney) and a Bachelor of Arts/Education (University of New South Wales).